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I'm CONNER LINZY, a Seattle-based software engineer. I specialize in full-stack development, cloud computing, and automation with the goal of bringing ideas to market faster.


Software Engineer
K16 Solutions | Jul 2023 - Present
Fullstack Web Engineer
Area4Labs | Feb 2021 - Jul 2023



Node | Express | Python | Flask | SQL | MongoDB | Firebase | Sockets | pytest


Javascript | Typescript | React | Redux | Next.js | CSS | Sass | HTML | Responsive Design | Web Accessibility


Docker | Terraform | Git | Auth0 | OAuth | CI / CD


EC2 | ECS | CodePipeline | RDS | Lambda / SAM | CloudWatch | SQS | CloudFormation | Route 53


Chat App Chat App


All your recipes in one place.

A web app for storing recipes. Paste a web link that contains a recipe and the recipe data is scraped and stored in a cookbook. Recipes are tagged automatically and can be searched by name or tag. Built with Next.js with a node.js custom server. Uses Postgres for data storage and is hosted on AWS Lightsail container service. Features a full CI/CD pipeline.

Planned features include OCR (e.g., parsing images of recipes from camera), membership and collaboration, and grocery lists.

Typescript | Next.js | React | Node | Express | PostgreSQL | Auth0 | AWS Lightsail | Docker | Code Pipeline



Live music nearby.

A web app for finding live music events globally, built with the team at Area4Labs . I worked as a full-stack developer on this project for 2+ years. See resume for contribution details.

Code samples available upon request.

React | Redux | Styled Components | Python | Flask | MySQL | Terraform | AWS ECS | Docker | Auth0 | Gmaps API

Time Blocker

Time Blocker

A customizable, web-based alternative to the traditional time-block planner.

A highly customizable, dashboard style application for time blocking and task scheduling. Utilizes React's native global state management hook, useReducer, and Firebase for data storage.

React | useReducer | Firebase | Auth0

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